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If you are a serious Madden NFL Gamer or even a casual player, then our Madden ebooks are perfect for you.  Each Ebook contains the complete breakdown of many different plays that will help you dissect any opponent.

Fill out this form if you want to become a Free member of our site which will grant you access to “members only” content such as video breakdowns and early access to new blitz/patch info.  Expect a new members only playlist to appear on the day Madden 17 is released.  Or sign up for your Free Membership Directly HERE

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Rank up faster, get more wins in your league, or just finally start winning more games vs. your friends.  Click the Madden eBooks Link or click on the Football Image below to access our Film Room Buy Page.




A Message from the Gaming-Authority Team:

Thank you for visiting our Website!  Everyone who is a part of the Gaming-Authority Team Welcomes you.

We are just getting started over here with a team of strong Gamers who are getting ready to bring you the latest tips and news about everything that is going on with all of our favorite games.  So far you can get the latest tips, guides, and information on Madden NFL 16 and Destiny and more.  The titles we cover will begin to grow in number as time goes on so stay tuned to our Youtube channel as we add videos on a regular basis (Link Below)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel @   https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingAuthorityVideo and get ready for even More Game Footage on More of Your Favorite Game Titles for the XBOX ONE and PS4 Consoles.



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